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Are Stablecoins Stable?

Are Stablecoins Safe? The recent collapse of the stablecoin Terra (also known as UST) sent shockwaves through the crypto market. The event has sparked debate

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What is a smart contract?

Blockchain Smart Contracts: A smart contract, like any contract, creates the terms of an agreement. But unlike your traditional contract, a smart contract’s terms are

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Welcome to the Metaverse

Metaverse Introduction: You may have heard the term metaverse being thrown around, as many large companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are working on

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Cryptocurrencies – Part 2

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are secured by cryptography using blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchains and are not issued by any central authority

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Blockchain Explained

Blockchain technology is one of the most transformative technological innovations in the digital era. The blockchain industry is currently growing at a rapid pace and

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